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Known for offering products like Square Floor Trowel, Rubber And Plastic Hammer, Industrial Accurate Tile Spacer, PP Facile Tile Levelling System, etc..
As a manufacturer and supplier of tile spacers, Italy is our main source of inspiration. We at JP Enterprises initially produced and distributed 4 mm tile spacers in Indian marketplaces with time, we have expanded our product line. Currently, we are offering Bhumi Sigma Tile Spacer, Tile Spinner Leveling, Reusable Plastic Tile Leveler, Industrial Accurate Tile Levelling Pliers, etc. We started supplying the demand for tile spacers across the market as a promising brand. Our offerings have been a top pick for clients. Increased demand for the same prompted us to focus more on producing tile spacers of various sizes and forms. We further engaged in establishing advantageous partnerships with architects, tile stores, tile masons, and tile installers so that we can serve our client in much better manner. Our company is also active as a service provider for Customized Packaging Service.

Why Choose Us?: How Do We Work?

Small, plastic spacers between tiles are typically shaped like a T or a cross. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, from 1mm to 10mm. When putting tiles on adhesive, they are utilized to maintain the gap, or space between the tiles, at a fixed size. When it is time to grout your tiles, this ensures an even finish.

The founder of our company Mr. Jai Bhagwan Bargujar has registered the business with the Government of India and did so in the years that followed. Given the variety and grade of the items, he needs to speak in a forceful manner that establishes the credibility of the brand. Therefore, acquiring a quality certification was essential. He decided to pursue accreditation for his business after it satisfied a number of stringent criteria. 
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In the end, he was successful in registering JP Enterprise as a trademark. His objective was to deliver brand-new, precise tile accessories to the Indian market. To accomplish his objectives, he put a lot of effort into setting up an effective production line for tile spacers in a variety of sizes, shapes, and price points.

Rich Industry Experience 

We have been active in the respective domain since 1999 and catering to demand of buyers associated with Tile Spinner Leveling, Bhumi Sigma Tile Spacer, Industrial Accurate Tile Levelling Pliers, Reusable Plastic Tile Leveler and a lot more products. It is our hard work and commitment to excellence that has enabled us to survive in the market for such a long run. We are thankful to our employees and partners for their support because without them it would not been able to attain all our goals. Because of our rich industry experience, we have been able to:

  • Develop trust among customers 
  • Understand market in better way 
  • Grow as per the change in market trend 
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